Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mexico day 14

OK a quick update for that day as it was all ride and mostly in the rain, I managed to take just few pictures and even that come out all dark so I'll post just one.
Riding in Tuxtla Guttierrez totally sucked, the roads were wet and everyone was is supper hurry to get to places. At one point this guy was right on my tail and when I swerved to avoid a pothole he used the little room that was next to me and basically pushed me of the road (didn't touch me though) and at this point I ended up in another Very deep pothole, the hit was so hard that I thought the front wheel got bend (luckly it did not). At this point I was so pissed that I did not let anyone pass me, didn't care for the horn beeping and other crap behind me lol.
I want it to ride the twisty road up to San Cristobal but the weather and visibility was very bad so I had no choice but to take the tall way up and even that was scary at times, got here just fine.

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