Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mexico day 11

so I'm past 3 weeks of my trip :)
I left Zihuatanejo about 8:30 which is not to bad considering daylight does not get here till just about 8am, the plan for today was to get at around 300 miles and I almost got it at 270. It was going pretty good until I got to Acapulco, the rt200 just disappears into to streets of this overcrowded city.
The traffic was bad and I end up riding this one street going up and up and up this huge hill with frigging speed bumps every 100 yards and those little old VW bug taxis everywhere pushing their way through. Damn those little bugs! and those frigging mini buses as well while I'm at it.
I wasted total of two hours trying to find my way out and when every time I asked for directions I was send some other way, finally after getting my bike almost to the boiling point I found the Tunnel going out of the city so I took that and it took my back to rt200, nice. Well that didn't work well either because soon enough I was lost again agrrrrr, this time I missed the exit and I ended up in the middle of frigging airport parking lot duh!
Ok At this point I just want it to get the heck out of here so forget the damn ocean ride, I managed to find my way out and soon enough I was back on rt200, again.
Within those awesome two hours I've seen enough of Acapulco that should last me a life time, Do not want to come back here ever again :P
It was starting to get late in the day so time to look for a hotel, Las Vigas (nope), Cruz Grande (all crap), rode down to some beach area and that was crap as well. Got to Capola and I'm starting to run out of options at this point, the guy said 240peses I look at the room and o boy I think the neighborhood dogs live better, so I kept on going as it was getting closer to 6pm. Few miles later was another one of those of to the beach side turns and this one had big sign pointing to hotel, ok lets see. The road was total crap but once I got here they had few to choose from so I got a half way decent room on the beach for 300 pesos (that's 22 bucks for you gringos) and the guy hooked me u with some tasty and inexpensive dinner.
Than I got to the beach and o boy a very nice bonus (no you dirty minds! not a naked chica) you'll see on the pictures.

Somewhere along the way
I'm staying here at that beach :)
last beach shot
and dinner :)
staying across from jail house
bike is parked for the night

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