Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mexico day 7

Why o why did I do that :P ok more on that later
We had a great coffee at some local Cafe and it was nice it felt like I'm on some spoiled vacation with friends watching life moving on, but I need it to get back on the road soon.
R200 at this point was half way decent and when I finally got free from local traffic I got back to the riding grove, some nice turns and views along the way.
About a mid point to Manzanillo I got hungry and there were some restaurants signs along the way so I took one of the side turns hoping for another dose of the great fresh fish, well that didn't work so well. The food was ok and cheap but it tasted as such :( o well not everything needs to work out great.
So I got to the city and started to look for hotel, well what I've should have done its kept on going but instead I asked for directions and the local guy pointed me to a rich yuppie over priced town. Few stops and I was getting tired as well as it was getting late in the day, so be it. I talk the lady down by 200 pesos and so I stayed in this awesome little apartment with kick ass view for.... 60buck aaahhhhh o well it was my 5000 mile celebration.
Everything was great, the view, the place, the beer but the frigging internet!!!!! o boy did it suck and I mean it was terrible, I could not upload one picture.
yea well not exactly on the budget here but what you gonna do :P

Few pics from the road ( I miss having a small camera and I should get one soon)
Steert in PV

at the gas station
the restaurant
Tons of speed bumps :)
Some views


  1. Not only Corona but Corona Light!!! Jesus man...are you a Puff?

  2. hey I don't need to get drunk lol, just enjoying some beer that's all, plus its cheap here :P

  3. corona is not a beer;)In UK you find it in baby food isle.