Friday, October 7, 2011

Mexico day 5

OK rt40 from Durango to Mazatlan its a UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE!!!!

In lonely planet book I found this half way decent hotel in Durango but after driving around in this New York like traffic I gave up and went back to outskirts of town for another hmmm you know what hotel, this one was clean (er) and because I was tired I slept like a log so who cares.
I got up early in the morning (before sunrise) so I can pack quick and hit the road, had coffee at local store while watching people getting picked up by all kinds of transportation to get to work, rough life here.
ok well the first part of rt40 I got all messed up so I end up riding the toll way, something around 40 pesos twice, the good thing was that the speed was up there  and the bad was that I was riding in the clouds for a bit so the visibility was low while everyone else was super fast. Finally after another coffee and a gas fill up in EL Salto I started getting to the good stuff and it was getting better by the mile (KM).
This road rocks, its just a twist after twist, sweepers, switchbacks I'm mean you name it it has it lol, the views were just breath taking and sharing it with all kind of trucks made me stay on my toes through out the whole thing (good times).
So I'm getting close to the end of this fun ride as I passed tho travelers on loaded bikes going the opposite way, I waved and show them the turn around sign but they wave back and keep on going up the hill. Oh no you don't! this is my first meeting like that so you don't get to run away from me lol.
So the first chance I got I turned around and hauled ass back up the hill pushing hard through those tight turns, in lack they were hungry and there was a small restaurant near by. So we all parked and had a super cool lunch with some info sharing and promise the maybe see each other again.
Those guys were James F. on Suzi dr650 from Virginia hi did the TAT and planning on riding all the way down SA and than Asia and so on, and David P. on V-strom 650 from Washington state that was planing on traveling while working on his business through SA, both meet on the road and plan to travel for two years or so. This was great I had a lunch with fellow travelers in the middle of Mexico and all had the same thing in common, the road, the people, the scenery and the adventure wow.
After lunch we did the usual ( I guess) of sharing the contact info and few photos with name signing and that was it, hit the road again.
As I was getting closer to rt15 the road got faster and so did my speed, I passed few trucks and some little towns when I step right into a set up speed trap, ops. But the cap smiled at me and wave me through, wow that was lucky! but I got to watch my speed.
When I got to rt15 I made a quick change of plans to skip Mazatlan and keep on going the coast line to see what happens, well it was getting late and the first hotel in town of El Rosario was a total dump, than than I got to Escuinapa where I found this small hotel right smack in the down town but the price was right and my bike is parked right under my window so I guess its ok, boy its hot in here lol.
I'm thinking on changing my plans again (what else is new) and ride the coast line at least for a day or two, we'll see.


Ps1: my small camera killed another card (2g) so it meet a rack on side of the road, at fast velocity lol, so no pictures while riding for a bit, but I GoPro video from the rt40 and I will work on it asap

Ps2: I'm getting a soft fast ticking sound out of my right cylinder (not at idle) any ideas? Cam chain or valves?

ok few from the day

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