Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mexico day 1

The hope of the day was to make it to Creel, Lady at the hotels front desk said that she would pray a special prayer for me so I will be safe, Thank you I can probably use all prayers I get I this point :).
Got to the border at around 9am and although it took a while it was very easy and soon enough with a new and shiny sticker on my screen I was hitting the first Mexico special speed bump, wow those things are big! and you have to take it slow crossing them.
So in no time I had a grin on my face while taking some nice turns going up and down rt16 until I reached first check point, well I hope I got all of the paper work done or else it will be 30 miles ride back to the border. I handed all the papers I had on me and proudly pointed to the registration sticker (good for 6 months) she said "Muy Bien" and I was back on the road again.
30 miles later another check point and this time the guys had automatic rifles so no messing around now, one of them spoke some English and after checking my top case content and passport they send me on my way.
The riding overall went smooth till I got to Chihuahua where few roads were closed for constructions and sure enough I got lost, but as the stubborn Polack as I am instead of asking for dirrections I went straight to down town and mess around untill I found my way, still not sure how.
Back on 16 the road speed pick up so I was chasing miles (kilometers) again and had my first official Mexico fill up (do you tip those guys?), meet few fellas at some stop points that spoke English so we had some nice chats and so far everyone here has been very friendly to me :)
It was getting late but after short calculation I was going to make it to Creel so off I went, that didn't work to well.
As I was getting up into the mountains area the rain hit me quite hard and to top it off I got stock behind two very slow moving trucks, so with the wet road and constant turns I didn't see any room to pass them so for a next hour with change I was riding in first and second gear (yes they were that slow).
Long story short I got to Creel as it was getting dark(er) and even harder rain at that time, so had no choice but to grab the very first available Hotel and made a very fast Skype call as I knew someone was getting very worried while watching my spot progress.
Sorry :( I won't ride Mexico at night again I promise :)
Copper canyon tomorrow yay

first picture in Mexico :)
Few photos from the road

speed bump
I show 20 pesos the lady point up so I gave her 50,
got change back and off I went communication 101

And few photos from the road to Creel
got to watch some rocks on the road
and another cool sunset


  1. You see? No worries ! your positive attitude will make people be nice to you! A friend told me to have 20/50 bucks taped to the back of your license. If they stop you to get money from you, you are ready, and they won't bother you! Good luck!

  2. glad to see you're making progress. i'm enjoying your posts bro. pix are amazing too. ride safe.