Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mexico day 9

Well like it or not I'm having a day off, to bad that is in such crappy town but it'll do.
It was raining hard when I left in the morning and I made maybe 20km's if that when a police officer stopped me to ask where I'm going, I said rt200 and told me that it has tons of washouts and dirt on the road from the heavy rain. I asked how is rt37 and his said that its the same, so I went back to Playa Azul and staying the second hotel now. The people here are great they gave me nice discount and they will do my laundry as well, so that's great.
Tomorrow I will try rt200 again as the rain is slowing down and maybe it won't be so bad.
I hope that John and Don are ok, the PV and Mazanillo had hurricane warning issued and they were at least 200 miles behind me.

Angry Pacific

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