Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Honduras day 1

I took one of those cool three wheel taxis to Copan ruins and those guys are pure nuts lol, they driving those little things allover the place like its a little race car. I got to the ruins nice and early so I was walking all over that place all by my self for the first hour or so, with the air so still and quiet all around it was easy to imagine what could have been like in here long time ago.
I had a nice chat with one of the guides and he told me that most roads between here and Tegucigalpa are badly damaged and it would be best to make my way back to the connector of ca4 with ca5, if I got to go this far might as well get to the coast. So I rode up to Omoa to stay in this charming fisherman village and to check out the old Spanish forth, It seams that Canadians almost own the place. I stayed at bed and breakfast place own by lady from Canada and eat dinner in a restaurant own by..... guy from Canada lol.

Few pictures

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