Saturday, October 29, 2011

Muddy day in Costa Rica

After an awesome break fast and gallon of great coffee I said good buy to my sis and the crew as they were going back home today, Thanks again for a great time.
I left very late today as I had some other (personal) stuff to do and talking to the front door boys for half an hour did not help either lol.
I want to do some zip lines in CR so I picked a spot at the coast line and off I went for it, For some weird reason I picked rt239 to get there and that was a nice and challenging adventure.
The road started nice and twisty going through little towns until it stopped. Literally the road ended in a pile of stones and decent drop down the mountain, but quick a steep run around got me back on track.
than the tarmac ended and it started to be mostly gravel with occasional mud. No problem here, I've done some off roading so I should be fine. 20 km the situation got worse as it started to rain and the road was more muddy at that point, Now it was all fun from that point.
Have you ever took a 5 MPH turn in deep mud in the rain over looking a 100 feet drop on over loaded bile on tires that already have 8000 miles on them? now we talking a fun ride.  Geez going up and down this huge hill on ripped out road for 60km or so was not something I want it to do today but o well. With luck I found a hotel and tomorrow I have 15km left of that crap before I get back on tarmac.

I know pictures wont do the justice but its all I got (I forgot to charge my GoPro) no shots of heavy sections as there was no place to stop.

The crew is leaving
End of the road
Easy start
Some view
The fun starts
OK off to bed, see ya

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