Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mexico day 3 and 4

Day 3
The reason I got back to Creel on day 2 was that it was getting late and I knew the way back and what to expect and maybe I would made it to Parral just fine that evening but I didn't want to chance it.
So I got up in the morning and after decent breakfast and skype call I went to the local bank do get some more pesos, I thing I made a 5peso donation to some local stuff lol.
There was a police check point set up that morning at the edge of Creel and those guys meant business, guns and all. But no problem one of them pointed to me and show me to go, I guess they were looking for some thing or someone out there.
The plan was to go back to rt16 and 24 because I knew those were fast roads and as much as I like the mountain riding they do take way to long to get through. I was hoping to get to Parral by 4-5pm so I can find a cheap hotel and do my updates, well as usual that didn't work. As I was getting closer to the city there was a road constructions and I was riding in a dirt road for about 20km or so and the traffic was heavy so it took me a while, I got there just after 6pm.
I stopped at few hotels that I didn't like mostly for parking situation, so I went back to rt24 where I saw this motel on the side of the road for not bad of a price.
Well it was one of those love motels as some people call it but at that point I didn't care anymore so be it, I parked in the garage unpacked my stuff and had some pizza delivery with few beers :)

Day 4
Ok first a crappy news: when I had that fall on way to Batopilas my little handy cameras screen cracked in half, o well no biggie the camera still worked and I'm only using it from the bike anyway. But when I got to Durango and took out the card upload pics from the road something happen with the damn card, it won't work in the card reader and even back in the camera darn it! O well. I got my main camera for good shots and I saw a Walmart here in Durango so maybe I'll go get another point and shoot tomorrow.
The rt45 its sooooo boring to just about a half point than after I'll got to the mountains it was kind of fun with tight turns and straights on top of the ridges. One thing that made me sad on that road was the sight of empty towns and tons of trash everywhere, overall it was a decent ride.
Tomorrow I will the RT40 to Mazatlan and maybe I'll stay somewhere for the night at the coast :)

I like those drive through stores :)
all types of speed bumps here but sometimes you get lucky, see the clearing?
Sat dish?
Just few views from the road
in dirt for a while 

the "love" motel
My sleeping bag was in use for this one, sorry crappy photo

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