Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 11

Darn SPOT drained the batteries after two weeks of use! what gets?
As I was packing in the morning and chatting with Dennis at the same time I got visit from two park rangers, I guess I forgot to register and pay for my site. No big deal they were very nice about it, so I payed my 14 bucks and after a quick good bye to my neighbor I went up to the lodge for a coffee and skype call.
The plan for today was to get to Persidio and prep for the border crossing, also I could use a oil change and look through my bike to make sure all or most was ok, I did well over 3500 miles since I left home.
rt170 was a nice change after all straights on rt90 and slow ride in the park, it was full of nice twisties and stomach pushing up and down sharp little hills. 
After few hours of desert heat and passing few border patrols I got here and I will stay at the hotel two nights, I'll go up to the border tomorrow to see if they are open and if I can take care of all the paper work before crossing.
The Local radio shack had the batteries so I have for 3 more changes in the spot, also got the oil and few other things so till tomorrow


  1. Do you have the Spot1 or Spot2?
    (Spot1 has 4 black black. Spot2 has a variety of 8 total buttons) Spot is real particular about which batteries you use. Use the proper lithium for bast results.

  2. I have spot2 and those where the originals that come with spot, I bough 4 sets total of the same batteries so I have for 3 more changes if needed, I hoe that those would last otherwise I will be forced to use rechargeable or maybe look for some out there.

  3. The proper batteries are imperative for the best duration.
    AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92)

    Longevity depends on the type of usage. (OKs versus tracking) and (clear view of sky versus obstructed view).
    Turn off at night or when not in use for best results.

    Battery information from the Spot site:

    AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92)

    SPOT performance and battery life may be degraded in operating environments where the SPOT GPS chip must take a longer time to acquire your GPS location, such as trying to send a message indoors or under extreme canopies. Colder conditions can impact battery life. Under normal usage a full battery charge should meet or exceed posted times.

  4. thanks
    Yes those are the ones I got L92, well I guess I have to wait and see whats up, maybe the originals were to old and died quick, I'm not trying to post to many ok's but I did it twice a day and spot was off for the night each time, hmm
    ok I'll keep you posted
    Thanks again