Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mexico - final thoughts

It took me 16 days to get through this country and this was not even nearly enough to see maybe 10% of it and with that time most was from the saddle of my bike. This is a very beautiful country with so much to see and offer, the dessert, mountains, beaches, twisty roads etc. The people here are very friendly and even with my limited Spanish I sill managed to have many great conversations, often with help from internet translator but why not.
Driving conditions were ok, they building and fixing many roads so future travels here look promising, New road is being build from Mazetlan to Durango.
People like to drive fast here and as much as hate the speed bumps everywhere I can only imagine the terrible things that could happen if there weren't any. The scary part about it is that some drivers are trying to pass you while going over the speed bump, than they don't have a room to get back in the lane and you have to break hard to let them in.
would I ever come back to visit Mexico? Absolutely with out any doubt - YES! I would take way more time though.
It was sometimes easy and sometimes challenging ride and without any major hiccups, I did not get pulled over by police and army check points were easy to get through. The only thing I wish I had done is being smarter on my spending's, but what the heck - you live once! :)


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