Monday, October 10, 2011

Mexico day 6

It was starting to be a usual morning: get up take a cold shower and pack up, but this time the fun part was that the bike was parked on tile and that overloaded cow did not want to get of the center stand instead when I gave a little gas it would move forward staying on the the damn stand - to heavy. OK unpack some crap and do it manually no problem.
After getting some cash from local bank I got back on rt15 and 50 -60 miles later  I took one of the off ramps to get some gas (82 pesos for that fun part, plus the gas). After a fill up and nice chat with a local guy that spoke English I was back on the road thinking I will stay on free side of the 15 for a while, well that kinda sucked plus I want it to make back some time today so I turned around and went back for the toll road, good thing I did that. Within first 5 min I passed two R1200 GS's going the opposite way, waved and instantly they pulled over. Those two were John and Dan from B.C. heading down to Panama where they were going to meet theirs wife's. After small chat we decided to ride together for a day and believe me those guys were pushing hard lol. Dan is a retired fire man (hat off my friend) and John had a kick as job that allowed him to have 3 moths off every year so the guy pretty much spend all of it traveling the world (wow brother you rock)
So they took me for some great jungle ride and that in the middle of nowhere we pulled up to this small fishermen town where I had the best smoked marlin I ever had!! wow that was so great :)
After more of trying to keep up miles we got to Puerto Vallarta where John pulled some nice trick out if his hat at the hotel, He showed some old receipt from last year with much smaller bill and after some manager calling we got the rooms for just that.

Well this is a tourist town and don't get me wrong, I love the ocean and the great night walk. But one night is what I wanted to stay.

Day 7 next

Ps. John and Dan, thank you for taking care of me and tons of great info :), I hope I'll get to see you guys again soon.

Best fish I've ever had
Dan is parking his bike
John's bike behind mine
View from our rooms
Just few shots


  1. Wow, those views are great! The best food is usually served in some obscure little shack somewhere.

  2. thank you :), yea that was sooooo good :)