Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mexico day 13

I could have done 300 miles today but some events didn't allow me to do so :)
It all started with a Army check point those guys just wouldn't let me go, how much is this? and what is that for? it took me about 30 min to get the heck out.
After 50 miles or so I stopped in one of roadside placed to have something to eat and just as I was parking my bike I hear "are you traveling on your moto?" in English. It was two guys Pedro and Juan eating and drinking some tequila inside the place, they are on 2 -3 year backpacking trip around the world :). Very cool guys and naturally we had at least 2 hours talk that set my back again lol, totally worth it.
Not much special happen after that, I was trying to catch up on miles so I took 185 going around Salina Cruz and kept on moving till I got to just before Tapanatepec and found a half way decent (and cheap) hotel with internet, but I totally forgot to get cash along the way so I had to ride to the city to find ATM.
Well let me tell you, a bunch of jokers live there, I asked one guy where I can find a bank and the directions were simple (3rd left and 5th street after that). So I get there and guess what? no bank!, ok another person and I'm back on the bike going around that small town with million shops on those tight streets. Something is not right I can't find the darn place, so I asked two older gentleman and while they were explaining it to me where to go I can see in the corner of my eye that some Senora was laughing her ass off as she was listening to the conversation (oh great I'm being played). But at this point of my trip I've learn thing or two, so I asked a taxi driver and he lead me right to it :P.
Got the cash and I'm back at the hotel, I hope I'll get to San Cristobal by tomorrow and the road looks twisty as well I might stay there for two nights

ps. thanks to the speed bumps I changed my break pads once already well the old were not new when I left anyway
Those three were going at it while we had food

I gave those guys my spare camel bag, they were so happy about it
And I had them sign my flag , best of luck guys
Last view of the ocean
twisties along the way
last peak at the Ocean
Tons of trash everywhere
Going through windy country

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