Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 10 - cont

There was a nice store in Rio Grande Village with free wifi where I post the previous pictures from, and had a terrible sandwich for lunch, I guess it had to do at the time lol.
It was getting late and with the slow speeds in the park I started riding back to the junction and than up to the Chisos Basin where I wanted to set a camp for the night, what a nice ride it was :).
By pure curiosity I went up to the hotel first just to ask how much for the night and wow 150 bucks lol just a little to much plus I wanted to have the camping experience anyway, so after few circles around the camp and picked a less windy spot.
While I setting up the tent I heard some crazy bird whistles and calls I'm thinking wow this must be a bird heaven, but it was a recording. My neighbor was a wild life photographer and he was calling in a woodpeckers that live in those parts and sure enough few show up and off he went to snap some pictures with his crazy huge lens. The guys name is Dennis Sweetman and his has some very nice wild life photography on his site, Click here.
So we were chatting away till late night while being visited by dessert fox and few skunks looking for food, good thing they had those metal boxes as it was a bear and Panther country. Something did woke me up few times that night but no biggie I had plenty to sleep.
aaahhhh fresh air and no light pollution at night, wow what a view of the sky.

Just before I got to the park I come up on this poor guy that
had a puncture in the front tube and had to fill up with air every 10 miles, wow.
Getting closer to the park
On way to the Chisos Basin
And my camping spot

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